My weightloss journey with It Works.

I re-started my weightloss this past January (2017).  I began by meal prepping my meals for the week using lean meats, veggies and complex carbs.  I was using a few wraps and taking vital core.  At the end of Feb I started going to a gym.  I had gone from 188 to 175 lbs around the beginning of April.  Then I got stuck! I had done this last year too.  That dang 175lb wall again!!  I was stuck there for almost 3 weeks.  So I started drinking my greens very consistently every morning.  I also started taking my vital core consistently every morning.  Then I added probiotics very consistently.  My weight started moving again!!  I am now at 166 as of July 4th 2017 even though I have took time off for the past month from diet and I have missed the gym for 2 weeks due to vacations and other obligations.  I will update my progress again in a few more months 🙂

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